Adobo Velo | Adventure Corps events
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Adventure Corps events

About This Project

“Special Thanks is extended to Francis ‘Picachu’ Ignacio, a four-time Furnace Creek 508 solo finisher, was up all of Friday night, cooking the super popular adobo Filipino food (adobo chicken, adobo pork, rice, and curry vegetables) for all the riders, then he spent all of Saturday working the finish line and keeping his home-cooked food warm and ready to serve. And now you know why his LA-based cycling club (which is open to riders from anywhere) is called Adobo Velo! (Several Adobo Velo riders participted, and several volunteered. They are a regular fixture at AdventureCORPS events: riding, volunteering, or both.) ” – Chris Kostman, AdventureCorps


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