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What’s New?!

Welcome to ADOBO VELO’s 12th Anniversary Ride and Picnic!
Hosted by Cerritos Chapter

May 27, 2017 Saturday

Rynerson Park
20823-20843 Studebaker Rd Lakewood, CA 90715
May 27, 2017 Saturday

Registration Opens at 6:30am

Roll Time: 7:30am

Watch out for the announcement of the route!

Please Register so we can order the right amount of food.

This event is primarily for 2017 Adobo Velo Paid Members and family only. If you would like to invite a non-member, please notify your Chapter Director.

Last day to register is May 12, 2017 (Friday)

Please see our FB Pages Adobo Velo Members Only and Adobo Velo Members Bulletin. Thank you.

Congratulations to our Giro d’ Brí stage 3 2017
podium winners!


1st place: Earl Reyes
2nd place: Ludovic Hilde
3rd place: Ronald Iseri

Pls click link below to check out times. And top climbers each segment.

GDB3 Time Segment

AV Eagle Rock Chapter Ride and Picnic 2017!



It’s that time of year again where Adobo Velo family starts having fun again in our traditional picnic rides. Come join us and help Eagle Rock chapter in our first AV first picnic ride of the year.


For more information, please check our Adobo Velo Members Bulletin FB page.

Adobo Velo presents Giro de Bri 2017 stage 2

Giro d Brí stage 2 | 3.25.17

105 miles. 11,000 ft. “Just when you doubt yourself, but actually can perform more than you expected. You wouldnt know your strength and what your capable of…. until you show up and do it yourself.

Be there! See you there! Be that mountain goat!


For more information, please check our Adobo Velo Members Bulletin FB page.

Giro de Bri 2017 Stage 1

Congratulations to our Giro de Bri 2017 Stage 1 podium finishers:

1st place: Earl Reyes
Climb1(encanto-2nd gate): 2:17hrs
Climb2(palm dr-gmr): 0:58 mins
Total: 3:15 hrs

2nd place: Danny Carreon
Climb1(encanto-2nd gate): 2:35 hrs
Climb2(palm dr-gmr): 1:05 mins
Total: 3:40 hrs

3rd place: Loren Smith
Climb1(encanto-2nd gate): 2:37 hrs
Climb2(palm dr-gmr): 1:04 hrs
Total: 3:41 hrs

Giro d’ Brí

Was born to showcase the beautiful hills and mountains of San Gabriel Valley. 3 stages of pure climbing and endurance ride. Developed to enhance camaraderie amongst riders that loves to climb and ride. Putting aside our daytime job and converging every ride day to conquer each stages is what every rider has on their mind. The guts to sign up for it and even think about doin it is already an accomplishment. But training for it and actually showing on that ride day is best feeling of it all, And im sure that’s what every rider is feeling as every Giro D’ Brí stage approaches. The sheer build up of excitement and anxiety to ride the stages, the information and videos flooding the social media and the jitters and butterflies everyone gets in finishing each stages is really something special. The bragging rights. The right to be called a mountain goat. Its always earn, never given. Adobostrong!



Brian Masayon

giro d’ brí | ride director



Giro de Bri 2016