Adobo Velo | About Us
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About Us


Adobo Velo, a Filipino-American Cycling Club focused on friendly and social road biking, with + 500 members mostly in Southern California, but also in Las Vegas, Manila, San Francisco, New York, and others. We’re still growing.

[Try our text-only site, if your internet is slow.]

Officers and Board of Directors

Club Wide Officers

President: Mhel Mojica 
Vice President: Eric Del Rosario
Treasurer: Francis Marlon Ignacio/ Mandy Genato 

Moderator: Teresa Beck
Auditor: Edgar Borje and Ken Wong  

Chapter Directors

Cerritos: Jeremy Liu and Jeffrey Sayas
Chino Hills: Jonas Veneracion and Mark Gabriel
Duarte: JC Bertumen  
Eagle Rock: John Camino
Las Vegas: Robert Samano Jr
Orange County: Rey Diamse and Joel Sagaidoro
Palmdale: Gustavo Guardado
Rancho Cucamonga: Earl Uychocde and Arvin Mendoza
San Diego: Allan ‘Jok’ Navarro
San Francisco: Ray Acosta and Roel Deang

Santa Clarita: Tony Solano and Richard Lagarnia
Tucson AZ: Dennis Miller

Ventura/Valley: Rosalie Kneebone, Diego Garcia: Carlos Abad and Ferdinand Dela Plana
Philippines: Ruffy Martin 

Club Wide Disciplines

Endurance Director: Shelby Webber / Cher Hornado
Race Director: Vacant
Triathlon Director: Vacant

Note: Ex Presidents who are still club members are automatic board members:

Jesse Santamaria
Dennis Gorospe
Norman ‘Mandy’ Genato

Previous Presidents

Jesse Santamaria –  May 2005-May 2009
Arden Arindaeng *  –  May 2009-May 2011
Dennis Gorospe –  May 2011-May 2013
Mandy Genato – May 2013-May 2015
Ed Hidalgo*  – May 2015-March 2016
Mandy Genato –  March 2016 – May 2017
Ruffy Martin – May 2017 – Jan 2018
Mhel Mojica – Jan 2018 – Present

* Not currently a member